If you’re a professional photographer or very serious about the hobby, then you don’t need much guidance, even when visiting a new place for the first time. For everyone else, though, it can be helpful to know what to look for, when to take pictures and most importantly, when not to take pictures.

Let’s start with that last one first and get the unpleasant stuff out of the way. It’s not okay to take pictures of people without their permission. Even if they are in the background of your shot, they can still end up on your social network page, and that’s not going to sit well with some people. If you see someone on the island that you think would make for a good photograph, then just ask them. Most often, the friendly people here will say “yes”.

If you are looking for great photo opportunities, then the beaches are the obvious place to start. Many of our villa koh samui are situated right near the beach, so you don’t have to go far for a great shot. We suggest taking some pictures as the sun is just starting to set for some striking images.


You may also want to seek out the abundant wildlife on the island. There are a few parks where they are abundant, but there are also coves and secluded beaches where wildlife comes out frequently. Just be careful not to scare them off as you are taking pictures. It’s their island too, you know.